Longitudinal Tape Applicator system 80 & 120

The LTA80 and LTA120 systems are designed for cable production between 6mm and 120mm diameter. These systems, like the LTA30, are very versatile and KABTECH has manufactured many variants from the standard

The KABTECH BAVR94 series is mainly used together with the form folding station FS80/FS120 for the applying of one or two tapes to cable in a production line.
The tape pay-off is suitable for both metallic and non-metallic tapes.

The pay-off is equipped with the following:

  • Pneumatically expanding hubs for the securing of the tape pad.

  • Motor driven alignment of the tape to the cable centre.

  • Dancer controlled electromagnetic brake, which keeps the tape tension constant.

  • Adjustable sensor, which gives an optical indication before the tape ends.

  • Tape break sensor.

BAVR Technical Data


  • Wheel set for moving out of the line.

  • Tape brake mounted onto the tape pay-off frame.