Longitudinal Tape Applicator system 80 & 120

The KABTECH FS80 and FS120 form folding stations are used in the longitudinal application of one or two tapes to cable in a production line.
The form folding station is one of the most important items in order to assure a tight wrinkle free application of tape to the cable.
The folding station consists of a frame, to which a combination of different tools can be attached.

The form folding station starts with a pre-forming flute and is then followed by fixed steel dies, in two steps, which press the tape against the cable. Incorporated into the steel die arrangement are two flexible rubber cones. These ensure that the tape is tight against the profile of the cable.

All tools on the form folding station are easily adjustable in the horizontal and vertical planes.


  • Wheel set for moving out of the line.

  • Hot melt applicator.

  • Double form folding station for the application of two tapes.