Auxiliary Machinery

KABTECH offers a wide range of tape accumulators.
The use of this equipment in a tape application system makes it possible to apply tape to cable continuously without any interruptions for splicing the tape and changing the pads.
The accumulator is filled automatically with tape in ample time before the pad has to be changed and this stored tape gives the operator sufficient time to splice on the new pad when required.

The accumulator is a box construction in which the stored tape lies in loops. Input to the accumulator is controlled automatically from the KABTECH tape pay-off and the desired amount of tape to be stored can be set on the control panel.
The facility to manually operate the feeding is also provided.

The filling motor is operated at a speed of approximately 10% below the line speed to avoid stretching the tape at the moment when the accumulator begins to empty.

The side walls of the accumulator box can be adjusted to the suit the tape being used and are made of a transparent Plexiglas® so that the operator can view the tape.

Accumulator Technical Data


  • Wheel set for moving out of the line.

  • Tape brake mounted on the accumulator frame.