Auxiliary Machinery

KABTECH offers three different sizes of tape brake units. The tape brake is an important part for the longitudinal application of metallic tapes.

The tape brake is electrically controlled to give the correct tape tension. The brake applies tension to the tape before it enters into the forming tools. This braking tension is enough to give the metallic tape a small elongation that is necessary to avoid wrinkles in the overlap.

The required tape tension depends on the cable size, tape dimensions and quality. For optimum results a constant tape tension must be maintained.
The brake can be mounted either on a separate stand, directly onto the accumulator or directly onto the tape pay-off BAVR94 series.

BAVR Technical Data

In order to obtain a tight longitudinal sealing of the overlap of the tape a hot melt applicator can be incorporated into the forming process.

KABTECH has developed a special hot melt die head, which is adjustable for different cable diameters, as well as for different degrees of overlap.
The amount of hot melt glue in the overlap is synchronised with the line speed. In situations were the line speed is very slow, an intermittent application of the hot melt glue can be obtained.